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User research is about really understanding who your users are, understanding their needs and maintaining a close focus on designing effective digital services that meets them. It is an ongoing process to balance processes, domain knowledge and the reality of the customer. User research is essential throughout all phases of project work.

When you conduct a usability evaluation of a non-trivial website or product, most likely you will only find and report the tip of the iceberg — some 30 random problems out of hundreds.

Some great videos from the RNIB about how to guide people with vision loss and other disabilities. Useful in general, but especially at a11y events and when testing with diverse users. Top tips: Approach from front and introduce self Ask if would like assistance Ask how they would like to be assisted Let them hold your arm securely before you…

Fun day testing an innovative responsive navigation concept for tablet devices for City University London's Department of Journalism. Initial results seem to indicate that the core navigation concept is misleadingly simple, both in terms of a loss of context and an ambiguous interface design. Which is why we test =)

Accessibility is simply usability under a magnifying glass. Mild challenges for [some] people are magnified tremendously for people with disabilities.

From error to error one discovers the entire truth

In analyzing [sic] complexity, fast iteration almost always produces better results than in-depth analysis. Speed of iteration beats quality of iteration.