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User research is about really understanding who your users are, understanding their needs and maintaining a close focus on designing effective digital services that meets them. It is an ongoing process to balance processes, domain knowledge and the reality of the customer. User research is essential throughout all phases of project work.

City Interaction Lab's Observation Room. Waiting for participants and stakeholders for some project engagement and user-centred design evangelism =).

In 2006 David Travis of User Focus published an an article that used Transport for London's Red Routes as a metaphor for frictionless user journeys. What is a red route? Important roads in London are known as 'red routes' and Transport for London do everything in their power to make sure passenger journeys on these routes are completed as smoothly…

Web analytics can transform user behaviour from a puzzle to a mystery [which can be] easily solved from watching and asking a few users.

CrazyEgg is a remote testing analytics tool that tracks click and scroll data in web interfaces. Whilst CrazyEgg includes functionality to enable customisable URL tracking rules, it doesn't explain how to use RegEx to easily exclude the index of a folder. This can be an issue if you: cannot easily remove the tracking JavaScript from the index need to simultaneously…

If you forget what you know, what is it? Binoculars? Two circles occluding a horizontal line? Or Voicemail on a mobile phone?A useful aide-mémoire when designing for inclusion, diversity or difference. You are not your user! From an HCID Open Day talk by Ian Hosking.