User-centred design examples

66+ good, bad and ugly user-centred design examples. A gallery curated from the social web.

User-centred design examples

This is an ongoing project to collect and curate user-centred design examples encountered on the social web (mostly from Reddit). The gallery includes real-world good, bad and ugly examples of:

  • inclusive design,
  • content design,
  • user-interface design,
  • accessibility,
  • human factors,
  • user needs,
  • pain-points,
  • jobs to be done,
  • product design,
  • UX design,
  • mental models, affordances and design psychology.

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Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen any interesting examples and if you’d like them added to the gallery.

By Rik Williams

I write about how to collaborate to design simple, usable and inclusive information experiences that make the lives of customers easier. Read more in Categories and Tags.

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