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Usability measures the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a product or system, whether a website, a software application, mobile technology or any user-operated device.

Summary Google has extended their PageSpeed Insights tool to include machine tests for aspects of the quality of mobile UX. Suggests that future PageRank algorithms will increase their onus on UX, in concert with query relevance. Currently in beta and does not affect your score. Why should you care? Search Engine Optimisation Whilst this is currently in beta, and does…

The media portrays teens as competent computer jockeys. In reality, teen overconfidence combined with developing cognitive abilities means they often give up quickly and blame the website’s design. <strong>They don’t blame themselves, they blame you</strong>.

If you forget what you know, what is it? Binoculars? Two circles occluding a horizontal line? Or Voicemail on a mobile phone?A useful aide-mémoire when designing for inclusion, diversity or difference. You are not your user! From an HCID Open Day talk by Ian Hosking.

When you conduct a usability evaluation of a non-trivial website or product, most likely you will only find and report the tip of the iceberg — some 30 random problems out of hundreds.

We watched like a lot of other apps add all these features and try to innovate, just to rip out all the features 18 months later - and sort of alienate their user base along the way.