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User Experience (UX) is a broad term used to explain all aspects of a person’s experience with a system including its interface, graphics, industrial design, physical interaction, and the manual.

This blog has a focus on: User Research, Content Strategy and Collaboration.

The Home Office providing succinct and pragmatic advice to commuters as part of campaign to thwart cyber crime through education: This advert appears to build upon XKCDs excellent Password Strength cartoon.

Nice example of functional requirements engineering and standardisation on a project that marries legacy infrastructure (the platform height, distance) with a new bespoke build (the new TfL S Stock trains). A usable, inclusive and delightful experience; someone, somewhere, did their job right. Next stop: throwing technology, like gap fillers, at the "Mind the Gap" interaction kludge =).

A nice graphic from a New York Times article — An Appeal to Our Inner Judge — about the innate ability of our unconscious mind to create bias, assumptions and profiling; particularly as applied to people. Identifying and factoring for inherent prejudice is essential in many aspects of user experience work; perhaps when recruiting new team members, meeting new clients…

A wonderful nugget of content strategy wisdom from - bizarrely - the UXPA UK Wearable Tech event: Content is our ambassador at a distance — Noz Urbina A very useful aide-memoire with which to persuade stakeholders about content value, utility.

Real web design is what Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook do. It’s about making the customer the hero, the center of attention. It’s about facilitating the customer to do what they want to do. Digital is not a technology. It’s a way of thinking that puts the customer first.

So, the corporate chieftain who once declared that “the food business is not a technology business” has spent $42 million to update Panera. “The goal is to eliminate friction points so that customers have a better experience […] because if they have a better experience, it will help our business.” — Ronald M. Shaich in The New York Times. The…

Accessibility is User Experience, magnified. Léonie Watson. Léonie was talking about Practical Accessible User Experience for the annual UXPA (UK) event for GAAD 2014. She also coined the abbreviation / tag #AUX, which, on balance, I prefer to the more established a11y — very similar to Accessibility as deep usability. =)

My favourite nuggets from Leisa Reichelt's talk at HCID Open Day 2014, organised by City Interaction Lab. Leisa was talking about about affecting good user-centred practices in large and complex organisations via her role at GDS. As usual she had lots of sensible, practical and plainly spoken advice for helping to stay focussed on collaborating to ship great experiences. Notes…