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Interaction design, often abbreviated IxD, is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.

You can't create a mobile version of a desktop system simply by shrinking the screen. You need to re-conceptualise the application and design for <a href="">Red routes</a>, fat fingers and transient use.


Another development resource, beautiful in its utility, from the good folks at ZURB. Built with their wonderful Foundation front-end framework. Supersedes Weedy Garden's HigherEd RWD Directory and Brad Frost's Responsive Navigation Patterns as my favourite source of responsive design inspiration.

Notice and hazard tape applied to a lift in an attempt to hack a more efficient user journey when the lift is operating at peak capacity, e.g., when a concert in the Café in the Crypt finishes, or when users loiter too close to the door sensor. Issue probably located in initial requirements engineering and software design compounded by (presumed)…

We watched like a lot of other apps add all these features and try to innovate, just to rip out all the features 18 months later - and sort of alienate their user base along the way.

It's not how many clicks it takes; it's how many clicks it feels [and] "Looks Cool!" Should Never Interfere With "Works Well!"


The vast majority of websites I have worked with would be 100 times better off to spend 50,000 dollars every year on improving their websites, rather than spending 200,000 every three years on redesigns.

I recently wanted to check my knowledge about the structure and origin of search results as served in a Google SERP before a meeting with a stakeholder. I specifically wanted to check their design and how to influence their utility for users. Here's a great, but slightly dated (2007), primer from Matt Cutts, a Software Engineer at Google. Search Result…