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Web content is at the heart of the Information Age. It’s the absolute crucible of user experience. Getting it wrong represents a failure to be useful, to provide actual value and solve problems for real people. Content Strategy plans for the creation, aggregation, delivery, and useful governance of useful, usable, and appropriate content for their experience.

A wonderful nugget of content strategy wisdom from - bizarrely - the UXPA UK Wearable Tech event: Content is our ambassador at a distance — Noz Urbina A very useful aide-memoire with which to persuade stakeholders about content value, utility.

No [content] model is supposed to survive first contact with real content, but they need to survive future contact … the closer the model is to reality, the greater its chances of survival in the real world.

Conscious handpicked integration of social media reactions instead of code snippets.

FAQs are a way to show you've thought about what your users should know but haven't thought about your users.

No link is an island on the Web. No content is a silo. In a network, it pays to network.

We are designing <strong>information</strong>, not pushing pixels around the screen.