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Working with content structure — a primer

Structured content — slides and worksheets from a session with 70 Content Designers at the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Structured content slides

A talk introducing structured content, definitions and major use cases and benefits. Followed by a primer on content modelling. Ending in a workshop looking exploring:

  1. deconstructing/reverse engineering a live example to find pieces of content structure,
  2. reusing, remixing and remodelling the pieces into a new context of use,
  3. hidden depths and complexities of structured content.

Structured content worksheets

A Mural canvas with three worksheets for exploring aspects of content structure.


I found this training super, super helpful. It was really illuminating to see the difference between the words on the page and the inherent underlying structures. I really liked the categorisation of the different elements of the page structure and the exercise to identify these in the wild. I found it hard, but being given even a basic understanding of how content is organised has given me a better appreciation of what I’m looking at and how it works in relation to my role.

Content Designer for GOV.UK

That was awesome; if you are doing a talk like that again as would love to share it with some non-GOV Content Designers!

Content Designer at DWP

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