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Leveraging OOUX, a discussion with Content Strategists

A panel discussion looking at Object-Oriented UX at Content Strategy Seattle.

A panel discussion convened by Paula Land and curated by Sophia Prater for Content Strategy Seattle that looked at Object-Oriented UX (OOUX).

The event discussed the paradox that most content strategists are on board with designing systems with content-out design. And we nod vigorously when we hear Mike Atherton and Carrie Hane say, “People don’t care about the containers; they care about the things they contain.” But we struggle to put this into practice. After all, how many product design processes put content and data structure first?

The discussion posited that OOUX is a valuable tool/philosophy for helping affect working solutions. Find out what we discussed below!

Panellists included:

  • Katrina Schwieterman
  • Gillian Rosheuvel
  • Gina Cairney

By Rik Williams

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