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Digital vs. dementia podcast

A podcast with City Interaction Lab about user-centred design, digital and dementia.

Episode meta

In this second episode of the City Interaction Lab podcast, Stuart hosts Rik Williams from Alzheimer’s Society.

Rik shares his experiences of user-centred design for ‘Dementia Connect’ — a service to improve access to advice and support for anyone worried about, living with or affected by these progressive-terminal brain diseases.

Our conversation also covers Rik’s pathway into User Experience (UX), the value of coding knowledge for UX professionals’ and his involvement with the UK chapter of the User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA (UK)). 

If you are interested in inclusive design and working with vulnerable audiences then you will get a lot from this! 

Note: During this episode, we’ll be talking about dementia, a family of progressive-terminal brain diseases which are now the leading cause of death in the UK. Some people may find aspects of this topic distressing.

By Rik Williams

I write about how to collaborate to design simple, usable and inclusive information experiences that make the lives of customers easier. Read more in Categories and Tags.

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