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Usability measures the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a product or system, whether a web site, a software application, mobile technology or any user-operated device.

Web analytics can transform user behaviour from a puzzle to a mystery [which can be] easily solved from watching and asking a few users.

When you conduct a usability evaluation of a non-trivial website or product, most likely you will only find and report the tip of the iceberg — some 30 random problems out of hundreds.

Every piece of content you add makes it that bit harder to navigate your website. The benefits of adding features and content are often obvious, but the benefits of not adding and/or removing are much less so. Gerry McGovern

Moggridge was particularly scathing about the design of remote control devices, noting that his wife had adopted the practice of wrapping them in up in paper, cutting holes in the paper to reveal only those buttons she needed and labelling them in plain English.