Inclusive step-free access

Step-free access on the tube

Nice example of functional requirements engineering and standardisation on a project that marries legacy infrastructure (the platform height, distance) with a new bespoke build (the new TfL S Stock trains). A usable, inclusive and delightful experience; someone, somewhere, did their job right.

Next stop: throwing technology, like gap fillers, at the “Mind the Gap” interaction kludge =).

How to guide blind and partially sighted people

Some great videos from the RNIB about how to guide people with vision loss and other disabilities. Useful in general, but especially at a11y events and when testing with diverse users.

Top tips:

  • Approach from front and introduce self
  • Ask if would like assistance
  • Ask how they would like to be assisted
  • Let them hold your arm securely before you start walking.
  • Point out things that guided person needs to know about like narrow spaces