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Feature bloat, feature creep, creeping featurism or featuritis refers to the phenomenon of continuing expansion of features and functions in software or a product above and beyond its core requirements. This can affect the purchasing decision (possibly favourably) but can ultimately lead to user frustration if the product is confusing or hard to use because of its increased complexity.

Making life easier for employees requires much more ongoing hard work from management and IT. It takes management time to save employees time and managers are simply not prepared to make that sacrifice. Gerry McGovern …painfully true and why the User Experience function needs to be included in Enterprise IT software selection, intranet information architecture and/or the boardroom. Updated, 12th…

Oftentimes, our IT departments attempt to solve the problem through the procurement of new technologies that come with the promise of improving findability only to find that <strong>the more technology we throw at the problem, the more complex it becomes</strong> and the further behind we fall.

Organizations may say they want simplicity, but they buy complexity … the more complex it looks—and the more packed with features it is—the more impressed they are.

Every piece of content you add makes it that bit harder to navigate your website. The benefits of adding features and content are often obvious, but the benefits of not adding and/or removing are much less so. Gerry McGovern

We watched like a lot of other apps add all these features and try to innovate, just to rip out all the features 18 months later - and sort of alienate their user base along the way.

The way to reduce clutter is not to thin down and sprawl out the content; instead fix the design. Clutter and confusion are not attributes of information, they are failures of design.

Gerry McGovern