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Design Jams (sometimes Service Jams) are fantastic one-or-two-day design events, during which people team up to tackle engaging User Experience (UX) challenges. They are similar to developer ‘hackathons’ and they aim to get people together to learn and collaborate with each other, across disciplines, while working on real problems. The jams emphasise open-source thinking/sharing and are non-profit, usually run by local volunteers and venues.

Mentoring a team in a Design Jam is an excellent way to sharpen your facilitation and leadership skills. This is what I learned, and techniques I tried, at CityStarters and VISA Europe's Jam to explore the future of payments #beyondplastic. Icebreaking Time Management "Yes, and…" facilitation Task Delegation Icebreaking Simple icebreaking games can seem corny, especially to our British sense…