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Agile is software development methodology based on fast and iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between real users and self-organising, cross-functional, internal teams.

Mentoring a team in a Design Jam is an excellent way to sharpen your facilitation and leadership skills. This is what I learned, and techniques I tried, at CityStarters and VISA Europe's Jam to explore the future of payments #beyondplastic. Icebreaking Time Management "Yes, and…" facilitation Task Delegation Icebreaking Simple icebreaking games can seem corny, especially to our British sense…

A wonderful slide gleaned from Thum YeeMun's talk at agile content conf. YeeMun was sharing her experiences using lean practices during her transition from digital agency life to her lifestyle start-up, Scarlett of Soho. The slide appears at 20m40s.

As soon as we build something, we all tend to move increasingly from inquiry mode to advocacy mode at the very time where the former is needed and the latter can blind us. Bill Aulet

Nothing is more effective than walking over to a colleague, showing some work, discussing, sketching, exchanging ideas, understanding facial expressions and body language, and reaching a resolution on a thorny topic.

UX. We make decisions. We put them on paper. We're not magic.

Nice example of a minimum viable product; an iPad bolted to the wall in an opticians (Specsavers) locked to run the stock Photos application. There appeared to be some issues with customer privacy (how are customer photos managed, destroyed?), the ability to export/share photos and customer engagement (customers that used technology used their smartphones, not the Specsavers iPad). An interesting,…

Requirements = Assumptions We Know = We Believe Let's Build It = Let's Test It.