Web Content Competitor Landscape Analysis Template

A simple template tool that extends Ahava Leibtag’s excellent Creating Valuable Content Checklist [PDF, 89Kb] so that it can be used to compare and benchmark your web content with that of your competitors.


  • Based on four core metrics for assessing content value:
    • Findable
    • Readable
    • Understandable
    • Actionable
    • Shareable
  • Scoring system to consistently quantify the content quality
  • Automatic radar charts for rapid visual analysis
  • Easily adapted (metrics, competitors)
  • Only very limited Excel skill needed


I find this approach most useful during the discovery phase of projects which are content-rich. In particular it can help…

  • identify new opportunities for editorial strategy
  • provide focus and direction for design ideas and thinking
  • help persuade stakeholders about content problems
  • suggest was to differentiate content from the competition
  • extend and contextualise data from content audits


This Web Content Competitor Landscape Analysis Template works best when used in concert with other discovery techniques. For example it…

  • doesn't test whether content is actually effective or usable
  • only explores ideas that have already been brought to market
  • is limited to inspecting four pieces of content per competitor
  • to get really good insights you'll still need to manually create charts


Let me know via Twitter if you find this useful and if you find any bugs or have suggestions for a future iteration.

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