Red Route Prioritisation Flowchart and Matrix

A decision tree and a ranking matrix for sorting user research insights by frequency (scale) and impact (severity) on the product.

In 2006 David Travis of User Focus published an article that used Transport for London’s Red Routes as a metaphor for frictionless user journeys.

What is a red route?

Red route road in London
The double red lines at either side of the road, and indeed on the slip road too, indicate that this is a Red Route Urban Clearway.

Important roads in London are known as ‘red routes’ and Transport for London do everything in their power to make sure passenger journeys on these routes are completed as smoothly and quickly as possible. Define the red routes for your web site and you’ll be able to identify and eliminate any usability obstacles on the key user journeys.

David Travis


Unfortunately, I can no longer find the decision tree that appeared in the article so I have reproduced and extended it:

I’ve found it incredibly useful for:

  • staying consistent and user-centred when prioritising usability issues
  • keeping stakeholders focussed on the most important user tasks


  • Added colour-coding for severity
  • Added silhouettes to reinforce impact on humans
  • Added integers to help rank and score issues by severity


I’ve also added a matrix for ranking user research insights on a matrix that balances frequency and scale.

Red Route Prioritisation Matrix
A red route prioritisation decision matrix for ranking and triaging user research insights by scale and frequency.

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