It's not how many clicks it takes; it's how many clicks it feels [and] "Looks Cool!" Should Never Interfere With "Works Well!"


In its 2010 report The Telegraph disclosed that "Universities are spending millions on redesigns and maintenance of websites which students say are inadequate and lack basic services". Little has changed in 2012 according to a report by UX consultancy Nomensa. Fees may have increased, applications have decreased (by -7.7%) and new comparison sites (HEFCE KIS, Which? University) have launched, but…

If this project goes wrong, what's the most likely thing we'll have done to make it go that way?

The vast majority of websites I have worked with would be 100 times better off to spend 50,000 dollars every year on improving their websites, rather than spending 200,000 every three years on redesigns.

I recently wanted to check my knowledge about the structure and origin of search results as served in a Google SERP before a meeting with a stakeholder. I specifically wanted to check their design and how to influence their utility for users. Here's a great, but slightly dated (2007), primer from Matt Cutts, a Software Engineer at Google. Search Result…