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User Experience is a team sport. This is easier said than done. The skills needed to collaborate across disciplines and departments, communicating ideas effectively and working as a team, are often overlooked. Instead we can easily focus only upon technical competency and practice.

Successful collaboration in UX is essential to be able to deliver successful projects, build and maintain teams and defuse stressful relationships with stakeholders and clients.

Nothing is more effective than walking over to a colleague, showing some work, discussing, sketching, exchanging ideas, understanding facial expressions and body language, and reaching a resolution on a thorny topic.

A safe space to practise collaboration skills between sessions at Dare Conf Mini 2014. People Skills for digital workers is where it's *at*!

Organizations may say they want simplicity, but they buy complexity … the more complex it looks—and the more packed with features it is—the more impressed they are.

People are more important than the project, which is more important than the process.

"Tim Springer, chief executive of SSB BART Group, which advises companies on accessibility, said companies can expect to pay about 10% of their total website costs on retrofitting [accessibility]. But if they phase in accessibility as they naturally upgrade their website, they usually spend much less—between 1% and 3%." Via a Wall Street Journal article: Disabled Sue Over Web Shopping.

It saddens me how many great design solutions are hidden away in filing cabinets. It’s not enough to know the right answers, the real design challenge is in getting the organisation to adopt and implement and maintain (a whole other challenge) good design.

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.

My job shouldn’t be trying to convince you that I should get to do my job!

If this project goes wrong, what's the most likely thing we'll have done to make it go that way?