Hi, I’m Rik

I’m a UX Architect and OOUX Certified Strategist. I combine inclusive user research and UX design methods to make accessible products and services which meet real needs.

I currently lead UX at Alzheimer’s Society².


I also talk about and create resources for UX design.

What people say…

“Rik, I keep getting the most fantastic feedback about your work and the UX videos you did were excellent. I know that the [Head of Digital and Content] is loving working with you.”

Kate Lee, CEO, Alzheimer’s Society.

“Rik, this work is exceptional, so insightful and is pivotal as we progress [the New Deal on Dementia strategy]. This user research is literally ‘gold’.”

Paul Underwood, Operations Director (National Services), Alzheimer’s Society

“This is a perfect example of how an existing service, which adds real value to people, can be used sensitively to support fundraising and generate income [during the pandemic]. Thanks for testing this and proving the theory.”

Alex Hyde-Smith, Director of Fundraising, Alzheimer’s Society

² Alzheimer’s Society is a major healthcare charity with a complex domain of >80,000 HTML assets devolved across 13 dementia support services and a mix of fundraising products. Every year 8-million people, many with progressive/terminal brain disease and/or in crisis, request online service from Alzheimer’s Society.